Every little seed

This is a little gem you won’t want to miss! Marie encouraged my spirit tremendously…I shall be free to “bloom confidently”! Do leave comments for Marie on her blog’s original post ~ thank you!

pictured words

Poland Forest, Poland, Ohio

Bloom confidently.
Even breeze-scattered seed is
rooted by God’s breath.

© Marie Elena Good, 2021

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Grateful List 2😊

I was thinking, why not do a gratitude post on Monday? Might set a positive note, give impetus for the week, right? Oh well…hello, Tuesday🙂

(My little pal “Pax”, guarding the Cheetos)

Bountifully-blessed Friday began with “I don’t want to go out”…but the weather was ‘welcoming’ (and according to forecasts, might not last), so I walked up the short incline to the grocery store. I had prescriptions to pick-up, water and nutritious items to get…and a Friday Special: 3 bags of Cheetos for $5. Yep, that’s motivation—thankful for treats!

There were 7 meds waiting, and I was stunned to learn I had ZERO co-pay. I’m beyond-blessed by God’s provision.

It was a rare “fun day” shopping—rare, because everyone’s less sociable, more distant in every way than “before-Covid”. People rush in & out…very little chatting, not much smiling above masks. I elected to step into the Time Machine and be my friendly self—most people responded well, thankfully🙂

Pushing my heavy cart home I was old-person-tired.  I was shocked when a neighbor offered to carry the groceries upstairs for me.  This was a double-blessing because, not only was I hugely grateful to be spared a half-dozen trips up 17 steps, this neighbor and I had had a previous misunderstanding—now it appeared God had restored our relationship with the squeak of a grocery cart!  I thanked “C.H.” with homemade baked goods🙂

Mega-gratitude for the government’s generosity.  Since the pandemic began, low-income folks like myself have received increased food benefits…for me, more than double the amount pre-pandemic.  God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinth 9:7): my tithe check goes to a nearby Christian mission, serving the homeless and folks in crisis—maybe He’s rewarding me🙂

“Thank you” to all who make blogging more than a pastime.  As we’ve been sheltering at home, we’ve needed “connection” more than ever, perhaps.  For me, writing is like cooking…poetry served fresh😉

Prior to Fab Friday, I had an excellent video-visit with my doctor, whom I really like. We addressed ‘old business’:  I will get my long-delayed lab work done this week (thanks to transportation help); and I agreed to stop denying the diabetes and start taking medication, after his reassurance that side effects aren’t common.  So far-so good—I’m relieved, grateful.

On topic of Denial, I’ve also made the difficult decision to apply for help with needs related to ageing.  I never planned on “older”…I’ve clutched independence with a steely grip, thinking I was “stubborn in a good way” Thus, I’m grateful for one of my online pastors’ recent messages about surrendering control to God—whose thoughts and ways are far above that of people (Isaiah 55:9).  At the end of the message the pastor asked, in what area of your life do you need to relinquish control?  I knew immediately it was health issues, and made an appointment for a needs-assessment.

How thankful I am for my faith in the Lord God and His Word, the Bible.  Knowing Him, and being known by Him, means everything.  Amid dark valleys He’s blessed me with a crazy sense of humor, and gratitude for blessings great and smallest…I can’t type THANKFUL big enough.

As I munch Cheetos (and healthier mandarin oranges)—I’m grateful, richly blessed by the “GOODNESS of GOD” who daily bears me up (Psalm 68:19), and the angels he sends😇

One more thanks:  I got a new Bible—Super Giant print, hallelujah!😊

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

Grateful List 1

(Photo is of candle in a pizza sauce jar filled with wooden buttons, my rare ‘craft brilliance’/gift to friends this past Christmas)

I’m glad and oh so grateful for God’s unfailing love.  The Good Shepherd never loses track of me; He finds me when I’m lost and scared, picks me up and carries me back to the Grace Path; He feeds me daily from His Word, tucks me into bed at night, and wakes me up the next day so we can do it all again.

I’m thankful for blogging.  I began the journey in 2011, have had many blogs since then—and I’m still learning things.  It brought me back to writing, the gift I thought was destroyed in the fires of life.  WordPress is the BEST, offering free blogs and helpful support—and an open door to the whole wide world.

I’m glad and grateful to meet people here that I’d otherwise never encounter—lots of personalities and boatloads of talent!!!

I’m ever thankful for diamonds tucked in the “darkness which can be felt” (Exodus 10:21)…God never forsakes us in the worst of times, nor does He leave us totally empty.  He’s the God of Much More.

Despite my periods of irritable dissatisfaction, I’m thankful the pandemic has impacted me only in minimal ways.  I appreciate that most people have suffered tremendous losses, greater than my inconveniences.

I’m way grateful for Biblehub.com—no more trying to read the tiny print in my old Concordance when I’m searching for a scripture verse!😉

I’m amazed and grateful to have made it to March, as surely Spring isn’t far off in the Pacific NW/USA.  Daylight Savings Time will be here, yippie!  And Hope’s plant may flourish again🙂

Special thanks to Lisa, whose Thankful posts remind me I should be posting my own lists!  And thank you, brother Frank—you’re a loyal follower, a fine writer and photographer, and I really enjoy our discussions about faith and scripture.

Until next time, thanks to all who visit here—may God bless you with His unfailing love, protection and strength, and give you fresh Hope and JOY Zelda

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.