World Poetry Day

Apologies for this post’s delay…Pax and I had the dickens of a time acquiring an acceptable photo from various website collections…which proves the adage: “If you want something done right, do it yourself”😊 


For all poet-souls ~

Before day, world, succumb to

Myriad malaise

Let me hold you, near and far

Embrace, bless your beating hearts

I keep you in prayers

Frequent, faithfully fervent

That no ill harm you…

All you endeavor, prosper…

May we meet ‘neath poem-filled skies

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

This Being Human Is…

Western Motel by Edward Hopper, 1957

You can read Kim’s post and prompt here:

In brief: “The challenge is to write a metaphor poem that starts with the words ‘This being human is…’ It does not have to be in the same format or style as Rumi’s, and you can compare being human to anything you want: a building or place, an object, something natural or something manufactured, a ritual or an everyday act. It is up to you to explore whatever it is in your poem.”


This being human is…

Sand on the shore

And waves that freshen

Dawn meadow of purple heather

Cliffs above, jagged rocks below

Orchard boughs reaching, feeding

Cold concrete walls e’er unyielding

Pock-marked, knife-scarred, bruise-painted

First snow soft-falling whispered white

Midnight moonless, stars shy of dark

This being human is…

People passing fast as freeways

Pausing awhile, canvases

Of changing scenery

Kaleidoscopic hearts

Laughter ringing through musical rooms

Shadows slipping in, out of crowds

Trailing tears, dripping blood

This being human is…

Seasonal transitions

Hellos, goodbyes and 

Myriad words in between

Phrases synched…sometimes dangling

Broke-stave fences, blazing bridges

Tapestry’s constant weaving

Abandoned shacks, restoration

Castles solid, and tumbling down

Final losses named on marble stones

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.