Dear Body Mine (Verse Epistle)

Dear Body mine—

Sad to say, I feel betrayed.

To be fair, I don’t mind loss

Of beauty—though I was a

Head-snapper, many said so…

No, my issue’s not that shallow.

What have you done with my

Memory?Ā  Did you take it as

A trophy?Ā  Don’t say I misplaced

It—don’t you dare go there!

Buying post-it notes will bankrupt

Me…not that you care.

Worst part is what you chose

To steal—why not trunk full

Of dark-scarred recollections?

Try those on for size!

It’s the small, crucial bits I need

Every day…but can’t locate

Without stressed distress:

Passwords, appointment dates…

Phrase I spoke a moment ago?

It’s gone…but you can’t relate.

Once, I prided myself on vast

Vocab, penned and articulate…

Now I cast about, constantly

Reach for scraps of thoughts

I wish to express…

I gave up looks, strength; I own

Those choices…vision’s

Slipping, I’ll adjust I guess.

But you’ve robbed the best and

That’s a fact—I’d never sign

Your crazy contract…you’ve no

Idea, can’t conceive harsh impact.

Be off with you, then!

On my first love, I’ll depend—

Imagination’s truest…still

Most loyal friend.

Ā©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

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