Brain Pain (Limerick)

What can be said about this old gray brain?

Mystery, oft’ silly…but I mustn’t disdain.

It wasn’t the keenest way back in my youth—

Jumble-tumbled with romance…now, there’s rosy truth.

That’s long-past mirage—today, thinking’s a pain😉

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

To Dream, Perchance In Peace

Dreaming frenziedly 

Mind rarely permitted rest

Thoughts kaleidoscope

Sleep-carousel’s ceaseless ride

Wild nights e’er uninvited


Where is the romance

Why horrifying spiders

Faces of abuse

And that one recurrent theme

Dusk’s unfamiliar streets…lost


Wake to dream of peace

Stability’s mere mirage

Quick as nap recedes