Grateful List 2😊

I was thinking, why not do a gratitude post on Monday? Might set a positive note, give impetus for the week, right? Oh well…hello, Tuesday🙂

(My little pal “Pax”, guarding the Cheetos)

Bountifully-blessed Friday began with “I don’t want to go out”…but the weather was ‘welcoming’ (and according to forecasts, might not last), so I walked up the short incline to the grocery store. I had prescriptions to pick-up, water and nutritious items to get…and a Friday Special: 3 bags of Cheetos for $5. Yep, that’s motivation—thankful for treats!

There were 7 meds waiting, and I was stunned to learn I had ZERO co-pay. I’m beyond-blessed by God’s provision.

It was a rare “fun day” shopping—rare, because everyone’s less sociable, more distant in every way than “before-Covid”. People rush in & out…very little chatting, not much smiling above masks. I elected to step into the Time Machine and be my friendly self—most people responded well, thankfully🙂

Pushing my heavy cart home I was old-person-tired.  I was shocked when a neighbor offered to carry the groceries upstairs for me.  This was a double-blessing because, not only was I hugely grateful to be spared a half-dozen trips up 17 steps, this neighbor and I had had a previous misunderstanding—now it appeared God had restored our relationship with the squeak of a grocery cart!  I thanked “C.H.” with homemade baked goods🙂

Mega-gratitude for the government’s generosity.  Since the pandemic began, low-income folks like myself have received increased food benefits…for me, more than double the amount pre-pandemic.  God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinth 9:7): my tithe check goes to a nearby Christian mission, serving the homeless and folks in crisis—maybe He’s rewarding me🙂

“Thank you” to all who make blogging more than a pastime.  As we’ve been sheltering at home, we’ve needed “connection” more than ever, perhaps.  For me, writing is like cooking…poetry served fresh😉

Prior to Fab Friday, I had an excellent video-visit with my doctor, whom I really like. We addressed ‘old business’:  I will get my long-delayed lab work done this week (thanks to transportation help); and I agreed to stop denying the diabetes and start taking medication, after his reassurance that side effects aren’t common.  So far-so good—I’m relieved, grateful.

On topic of Denial, I’ve also made the difficult decision to apply for help with needs related to ageing.  I never planned on “older”…I’ve clutched independence with a steely grip, thinking I was “stubborn in a good way” Thus, I’m grateful for one of my online pastors’ recent messages about surrendering control to God—whose thoughts and ways are far above that of people (Isaiah 55:9).  At the end of the message the pastor asked, in what area of your life do you need to relinquish control?  I knew immediately it was health issues, and made an appointment for a needs-assessment.

How thankful I am for my faith in the Lord God and His Word, the Bible.  Knowing Him, and being known by Him, means everything.  Amid dark valleys He’s blessed me with a crazy sense of humor, and gratitude for blessings great and smallest…I can’t type THANKFUL big enough.

As I munch Cheetos (and healthier mandarin oranges)—I’m grateful, richly blessed by the “GOODNESS of GOD” who daily bears me up (Psalm 68:19), and the angels he sends😇

One more thanks:  I got a new Bible—Super Giant print, hallelujah!😊

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.