Vista Behind Closed Eyes

Vista behind closed

Eyes, within hope’s longing heart

Respect, honor reign

Trust is never compromised

Peace, goodwill, “just how we roll”

All living souls are valued

Love flourishes unblemished

Ā©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.



Ne’er spied Dreamcatcher

How he’d slip into his post

Quite still, unnoticed…

By then I’d sailed distant sleep

In hopes of romance, glory


Yet, ever on guard

He’s nightly at the ready

Holy net in hand

Lest terror rise to skewer

Mad nightmare carry me off


Along midnight’s hours

Restlessly I swim dim depths

Weightless but sinking

Blind to sea-angels, then buoyed

By feathers, dawn’s filaments


Lightly awakened

No darkness recollected…

By peace-breeze embraced

Ā©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

To Dream, Perchance In Peace

Dreaming frenziedly 

Mind rarely permitted rest

Thoughts kaleidoscope

Sleep-carousel’s ceaseless ride

Wild nights e’er uninvited


Where is the romance

Why horrifying spiders

Faces of abuse

And that one recurrent theme

Dusk’s unfamiliar streets…lost


Wake to dream of peace

Stability’s mere mirage

Quick as nap recedes