Coming Soon! National Poetry Month is in April

Come all ye poets, young and old, gather for the marvelous Month of Poetry, April!!! And check out Lisa’s blog, as she’s super talented and keeps us updated on all the Important Stuff! I’m sure she’d enjoy your comments, so leave them on her original blog post, please. Thanks!

National Poetry Month follows World Poetry Day which is March 21, by the way there is an event that day you might be interested in. I will be posting that next.

While it listed as a national event, it really is open to all people in the world. After all, who decides whether or not you can write your poetry?

I found several ideas on how to celebrate poetry on

One of the activities I try to accomplish is to write a poem every day. And there is even a forum on Writers Digest where you can post your poems. Or if you want some ideas or prompts that is a great place to check. Robert Lee Brewer posts prompts every day in April, so it makes it easy. He has the Poetic Asides column on Writer’s Digest. You can check it out HERE

This year, I am writing…

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Allowing Ourselves — a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

This is a perfect Monday post–it will lift your spirits and bless your heart. Please leave comments for Paul on his original blog post, thank you!


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“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hilary

Allowing Ourselves

Changing our relationship with the past,
refusing to keep it alive in the present,
the embers of yesterday are passing,
allowing ourselves to dwell in possibility.

Refusing to keep it alive in the present,
not letting the incomplete shape us,
allowing ourselves to dwell in possibility,
accepting the strange value of ambiguity.

Not letting the incomplete shape us,
stepping back from self-defeat and doubt,
accepting the strange value of ambiguity,
creatively embracing silent imperfections.

Stepping back from self-defeat and doubt,
the embers of yesterday are passing,
creatively embracing silent imperfections,
changing our relationship with the past.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Every little seed

This is a little gem you won’t want to miss! Marie encouraged my spirit tremendously…I shall be free to “bloom confidently”! Do leave comments for Marie on her blog’s original post ~ thank you!

pictured words

Poland Forest, Poland, Ohio

Bloom confidently.
Even breeze-scattered seed is
rooted by God’s breath.

© Marie Elena Good, 2021

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Victory with Grace

Wonderful post about God’s grace—-we all need it desperately! Please leave comments on Mark Shields’ original post, thank you💖

This Day With God - A Spiritual Journey

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. – 1 John 1:9

Brought out in the post “Acceptance” was how the Pharisees tried to trick Jesus into making statements that would conflict with the Law of Moses. They were looking for ways to bring Jesus down because they felt threatened by His new way.

Jesus offered grace so that both the Law of Moses and the intentions of God are accomplished. Things are not that different in current times as some individuals or groups reject certain thoughts, ideas, or established traditions.

Take encouragement in the song Grace Wins by Matthew West  because our faith has one common thread that binds us; the power of Christ in what we believe and how we live. Individuals and groups are not perfect but there is always victory…

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Start – Décima

Frank’s poetry (as well as his photos) always Wows me. Enjoy–and leave a comment for him on his original blog post please!

Poetry, Short Prose and Walking

I eagerly prepared to start
but where I wondered was the end?
Predictions failed. Beyond each bend
lay proof that I was not so smart.
My beating heart got torn apart.
There is, I’ve heard, a promised land
somewhere where I’m not looking and
the way is not that hard to find.
If pride would pause, I’d change my mind
and let you take me by the hand.

Ronovan Hester offers the rhyme word “start” for this week’s décima challenge to be used in the A line with rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC.

Full Moon

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