The World As Boat

Is peopled world boat

Commodious, attempting

Channel maneuvers

‘Mid sustainability

Lacking perfectly pristine

Material?Ā  It’s

Carrying burdened

Passengers—hungry, angry

Manners forgotten

Wearied by lengthy voyage

Sea’s tumultuous trial…

They long to be free

Of cramped quarters, restrictions

Repetitious tales

Passports may be lost, questioned…

Hopes, incentive: cloudy sky.

Ā©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

Strong Arm Water Mosaic (Twiglet)

Strong arm water pulls

Heart ‘neath sterling sea’s far depths

Once drenched in sapphire


Then, as ghost-love had

Strong arm water pushes soul

Back to twilight shore


Rough sand, shell fragment

Scourges longing for escape

Damns weak cowardice


Strong arm water’s balm

Sweeps tears into salt wavelets

Mosaic sky descends

Ā©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.