Office of Muse

Corner office, where Muse resides

(To best of my understanding)

Perhaps he lives in old lighthouse

Or sandcastles, maybe he operates

Kaleidoscope, then slips among green

Mute-leafed plants, swims ‘tween seashells

Lights votive candles…does he hold bulging

Gunnysack of petite Dream Maker?

For certain, he breathes!

Warm spirit directs windchimes’ waltz

First, soft suggestion, then quickening

Rush of color-strung Capiz-shell notes…

Transported to intangible world, pen

Speeds with hummingbird wings to catch

Whooshing words, heartbeats’ substance…

Adorned, as by plumeria lei, this glimpsed

Glory e’er nearer Heaven’s front porch ~

Why would I leave the office?