How Can Friendship Best Serve? (Bedelia’s back😊)


I don’t know how Denise comes by her prompts, but they’re always Excellent!  This week she’s given us “SERVICE” to ponder, and here’s the link so you can learn more about her Six Sentence Stories weekly challenge, and join the FUN:


70-ish Finn Canter had somewhat regressed to the dejected restless state of a 16-year-old boy suffering unrequited love; he’d hoped to become engaged to Bedelia Cornell on Valentine’s Day, but the elegant diamond ring he’d purchased remained in its black velveteen box, buried in his neatly-matched-socks drawer…waiting for the green light.

Having studied her almost a year and knowing caution was crucial, he’d made broad hints, skirted gently (he thought) around the topic of marriage—and was yet to discover turn of phrase which would be the key fitting her heart’s intricate lock.

His brother James softly scolded, “You’re forgetting she’s not a woman fond of change, Bro—marriage IS a major transition for someone who’s lived contentedly single for 40 years…far longer than you’ve been widowed.”

Finn bit his impatience in half: “I realize that—the deadlock seems to be the idea of leaving her faded cracker box to move into my home; who wouldn’t prefer greater space with brighter ambiance?—she can have 2 spare bedrooms to hide in when she needs time alone; James, she once said she believed we could talk about anything…where’s the lost trust?”

“Finn—some birds are more comfortable in smaller nests, your place is marvelous but hers is familiar; and it may not be ‘space issues’ only…maybe she’s fearful about intimacy—her ex-husband sounds like a tyrant; if you really love her, why not gladly accept generous, affectionate friendship offered—some day, she might propose to you“; James sighed… “I’ll call and ask if she still intends to help serve luncheon, following Easter services.”

Meanwhile, Bedelia was fretting while she vigorously scrubbed her kitchen as though The Lord’s return might be that very day; she knew Finn was unhappy: she’d had the brothers over for a fine St Paddy’s dinner and, unlike their many shared meals of garrulous frivolity—the dearth of conversation made the clink of forks on her lovely seashell plates sound loud as a death knell; “Oh, dear Jesus…what to do, what to do?”

©Zelda Rene, 2021 ~ All rights reserved.

22 thoughts on “How Can Friendship Best Serve? (Bedelia’s back😊)

  1. Oh, I’m so happy you opened this window again, Z 😀
    Poor Finn! His brother has a point though – 40 years alone, in your own house, familiar and known like the back of her hand, hers and hers alone. A big step. But not impossible as you are hinting.

    “and was yet to discover turn of phrase which would be the key fitting her heart’s intricate lock.”
    If I had to choose a favorite line 🙂

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    • Thank you, Denise–you’re the sweetest! I might never have brought “B & Co” back, but when more than one reader expressed the wish–I had to grant it!! Can’t wait for your next prompt…maybe I can move our fave couple closer to the altar 🙂 ❤

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  2. Good to ‘see’ B and Finn and them again… but the line (or portion thereof) that stopped me in my study-the-words-improve-my-own-craft was:

    “Finn bit his impatience in half…
    what an excellent description!

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    • Hahaha, thank you so much, Frank. No, it doesn’t sound like Bedelia would do that, but sometimes people surprise us 🙂 I think James was just tired of Finn expecting more than Bedelia may be able to give–wanted him to be grateful for friendship.

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    • Hahahaha! I think yours was one of the voices I heard in the ‘crowd’, because I too wish she’d just “go for it”–but since I know her intimately, I understand her fears. Hopefully, we’ll get her to the altar sooner than later. Thank you so very much for reading–and your great response. Much appreciated!

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